Multi-function range

  • Distribution switchboard(type D)
  • Power factor correction column (type Dc)
  • Motor control center(fixed: type Mf)
  • Variable-speed drivers and starters column (type Mw)
  • Cubicles (type C)


Blokset is a complete system integrating Schneider electric switchgear components. All Schneider electric protective devices are designed and manufactured for optimum coordination and can now be installed in a switchboard designed specifically for them.

An intelligent system

Ready to integrate devices containing advanced protection and communication functions for electrical distribution and motor control.


Blokset has been designed to improve reliability and quality

  • Complies with international standard
  • Tested according to these standard
  • Manufactured in ISO certified facilities.
  • Flexible

  • Flexibility and availability through local manufacturing.
  • Guaranteed by a world class electrical switch board manufacturer.
  • Proximity of specialized teams.
  • Modular

    Blokset is composed of standard prefabricated components which guarantee flexibility and quick manufacture, modification or extension.