Disbo Extra

"The best offer of the market" There is at least one Disbo Extra TM Single phase that meets your requirement

Where safety meets design

The new electrical distribution board Disbo Extra TM single phase consists of the range of metallic enclosures with renewed design and more safety Disbo extra TM single phase is specially suited for housing and commercial buildings.

Disbo Extra TM single phase innovates in all aspects from design, safety and installation.

Disbo extra TM single phase can easily be recognized with its unique and attractive front cover with 5 different colors and caps.

Disbo extra TM single phase provides optimum protection for both installers and end-users.

Ergonomics and accessibility

Disbo extra TM single phase architecture ensure extremely simple installation and connection for the installer. Enough space is provided for Good visibility and easy cable insertion.

Disbo extra TM single phase is designed for convenient and fast wall mounting, with numerous possibilities for cable inlet and easy knock-out. Clear labels make easier identification of outgoing circuit breakers,earth and nenutral.

A comprehensive system for quality and peace of mind

Disbo extra TM single phase is a durable product manufactured by Merlin Gerin the world leader in power distribution.

Disbo extra TM single phase enclosure range is adapted to a large variety of requirements :

  • Single phase
  • Current rating up to 100A
  • 2 types: row and tested busbars
  • From 6 to 12 ways
  • Tested busbar according to IEC60439
  • Tested busbar type supplied with incoming devices
  • Flush and surface mounted
  • Using Merlin Gerin protective devices
  • Blank plate provided as standard
  • 5 different end cap colors
  • Disbo Extra TM single phase is specifically designed to accommodate Merlin Gerin devices for protection of people and equipment, through its large choice of incomers (switch disconnector, Miniature circuit breaker) and outgoing miniature circuit breaker (multi 9 range).